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Cover Korean Drama On Air Year Rate
A Love To Kill Completed 2005  
All In Completed 2003  
Autumn In My Heart Completed 2000  
Biscuit Teacher and Star Candy Completed 2005  
Bong Soon, a Woman Who Dies When Loving NAVER tvcast 2016  
Brain Completed 2011  
Can You Hear My Heart Completed 2011  
Cinderella's Sister Completed 2010  
City Hunter Completed 2011  
Dae Jang Geum Completed 2003  
Dalja's Spring Completed 2007  
East of Eden Completed 2008  
Feast of the Gods Completed 2012  
Flames of Ambition Completed 2010  
Forbidden Love Completed 2004  
Glory Jane, Man of Honor Completed 2011  
Green Rose Completed 2005  
Hello God Completed 2006  
Hong Gil Dong Completed 2008  
Hotelier Completed 2001  
How to Survive in the School Completed 2007  
It's Okay, Daddy's Girl Completed 2010  
I'm Sorry, I Love You Completed 2004  
I'm Your Teacher Completed 2007  
Jungle Fish 2 Completed 2010  
Lets Go To The Beach Completed 2005  
Love in Heaven Completed 2005  
Love Story In Harvard Completed 2004  
Lovers Completed 2006  
Miss Ripley Completed 2011  
One Fine Day Completed 2006  
Over the Rainbow Completed 2006  
Poseidon Completed 2011  
Que Sera Sera Completed 2007  
Robber Completed 2008  
Save Your Last Dance For Me Completed 2004  
Scent of a Woman Completed 2011  
Shut Up Flower Boy Band Completed 2012  
Smile Again Completed 2006  
Snow Flower Completed 2006  
Spring Waltz Completed 2006  
Stairway to Heaven Completed 2003  
Sunshine of Love Completed 2004  
Super Rookie Ranger Completed 2006  
Swallow the Sun Completed 2009  
Take Care of Us, Captain Completed 2012  
Tazza Completed 2008  
Terms of Endearment Completed 2004  
The Snow Queen Completed 2006  
Tree in Heaven Completed 2006  
Which star are you from ? Completed 2006  
Winter Love Song Completed 2002  
Wonderful Life Completed 2005  

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